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CDR Health

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, CDR Health swiftly established a presence in Tallahassee, where our disaster health and medical professionals assisted the State of Florida and other states and local governments in responding to and managing the COVID-19 health crisis. This assistance continues today.

COVID-19 testing, immunizations, and monoclonal antibody therapy are available at CDR Health’s Tallahassee Clinic, as well as flu testing, treatment, and vaccines. Telehealth services are also available.

During these difficult times, our clinic was designed to provide you with a sense of security.

To guarantee you get the best service possible, we have a team of pleasant and knowledgeable professionals on hand to provide you with quick, convenient, and safe care and attention.

Why cdr health?

  • Provided in a way that’s convenient for you while still maintaining your sense of privacy
  • 15-minute turnaround time for antigen testing
  • Awaiting Results of an RT-PCR Test
  • Incoming visitors are greeted with open arms.
  • A Cutting-Edge Facility
  • There’s seldom any downtime.
  • Experiences that are tailored to your needs
  • It is not necessary to make an appointment. However, it is highly recommended.


  • Air scrubbers with HEPA filters are used in this building.
  • No matter what the symptoms are, a face mask is always necessary.
  • Checking for indications of COVID-19 before entering
  • Each patient has their own spacious, private room.
  • Fewer resources for promoting social isolation.
  • To avoid overcrowding an area, appointments are staggered.
  • Rooms are sterilized after each patient is treated.
  • There are sanitizing stations throughout the place.
  • All members of the team are required to wear PPE at all times.
  • Ultraviolet light surface cleaning is among the most advanced methods of cleaning.

CDR Health

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