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Caravel Autism Health

Caravel Autism Health provides children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with high-quality in-home intense, post-intensive, pre-intensive, and diagnostic assessment treatments.

Caravel Autism Health emphasizes achieving specific objectives using therapy modalities that have been scientifically demonstrated to be effective, such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Our specialization is to give the optimum method (or a mix of ways) to each child’s requirements and learning style using Verbal Behavior Therapy, Lovaas, and interactive play approaches.

Senior clinicians lead our therapy group because they are very knowledgeable, well-trained, and compassionate. To begin, we work one-on-one with children with Autism to build a connection full of joy, optimism, and play.

Aside from language, sociability, playtime, intellectual, and self-help abilities, the emphasis shifts as toddlers learn to collaborate, mimic, and pay attention to others.

When children are ready, teachers introduce and carefully regulate social play with peers and the transition into school contexts. As each kid learns best, personalized objectives are split into smaller, more digestible chunks.

So the therapeutic approach stays upbeat, and the children succeed simultaneously. Treatment success is regularly assessed by tracking the kid’s growth and gauging how much fun they are having.

To reach their full potential, each of the children in our autism treatment programs is taught as many new skills as possible. Most kids look forward to treatment because it is enjoyable, and they are given opportunities to succeed.

Picture Exchange Communication System, sign language, social stories, video modeling, and meaningful generalization of skills into natural environments are some of the other common elements of our Autism Spectrum Disorder program.

Parent/caregiver training and involvement are also essential to the therapy process.

Who owns Caravel Autism Health?

Frazier Healthcare Partners already has Caravel as a portfolio firm. In addition to center-based and home-based autism treatment, Caravel emphasizes early intervention and ABA concepts (age 18 months to 5 years).

Caravel Autism Health reviews

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Caravel Autism Health

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Caravel Autism Health jobs

We always seek exceptional individuals to join our team of autism health experts.

Our goal at Caravel Autism Health is to transform lives. To help children with autism and other developmental challenges and their families, we have a team of devoted specialists working with them and their loved ones.


Why work with us?

Benefits and compensation

Employer-matched 401(k), paid time off and travel expenses, short-term disability, and more are all included in our generous compensation package.

Training and advancement in the workplace

With the help of the most outstanding clinicians in the area, we can provide complete training. We provide internal and external educational options as part of our commitment to your professional growth.

Team environment

Team and client development and stability are supported by a strong leadership structure in place at our company.

Taking the First Steps Toward Gender Equity in Leadership

It is our goal to guarantee that the leadership of Caravel represents the diversity of our community. See how far we’ve come in our efforts to increase the number of women in leadership positions.

What’s the point of Caravel? For additional information on why our team members and dedication allow us to lead the field in autism treatment, please see the video below!

Featured jobs

What are you seeking in life? The opportunity to utilize your passion and expertise for good is a desire many people have. Caravel Autism Health may be a good fit for your needs if this is the case.
Please check out our job postings to learn more about working at Caravel Autism Health. We’d love to hear from you at careers@caravelautism if you believe you’d be a good match.


Caravel Autism Health salary

Do you know how much the Caravel Autism Healths program costs? A Board Certified Behavior Analyst at Caravel Autism Health makes $68,496 a year on average, whereas salaries for Senior Therapists start at $41,068. (BCBA).

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