Is Camino Health Center Accepted Insurance?

Camino Health Center

Camino Health Center has three facilities in south Orange County: Lake Forest, San Clemente, and San Juan Capistrano serving the impoverished and uninsured.

As soon as a patient steps through the doors, it is clear that they have entered a high-quality, customer-focused health facility.

As former patients, many of the health center’s staff members, including medical practitioners, are acutely aware of the difficulties experienced by people without health insurance or with inadequate coverage.

At Camino Health Center, our patient’s well-being and dignity always come first. As a Patient-Centered Medical Home, our clinic employs several cutting-edge procedures.

As a first and foremost consideration, the patient is regarded an integral part of the process of developing their treatment strategy.

When it comes to patient care, the health center adheres to a fundamental principle: integrating all aspects of a person’s life into their treatment.

Behavioral Health, Dental, and WIC programs are seamlessly linked with medical treatments. The health center has just added optometry services at our Lake Forest location.

When you choose Camino Health Center for your medical treatment, you benefit from a team’s expertise rather than a single doctor alone.

Each care team has six members: a physician, a midlevel provider, a team lead, a dedicated medical assistant, and a care coordinator.

It is a federally-funded health facility, Camino Health Center. As a result, it is subject to the strictest laws and requirements. Your health is in excellent hands when you entrust us with it.

Our Mission.

This project aims to provide excellent, low-cost primary health care to the underprivileged residents of south Orange County.


Primary care services that promote health via patient education, prevention, and chronic illness management at accessible sites with community engagement are the goals of this project.



We value each person as an individual who brings something unique to the human race.


Every contact is a chance to assist one another, the community, and society, and we bring together individuals who see this as the case.


We encourage professional growth, responsibility, creativity, cooperation, and a dedication to excellence.


Systems and institutions that are responsive to the needs of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged, as well as those that foster community among all people, are what we advocate for.

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Statement of Purpose

Our goal is to provide affordable and high-quality primary health care to the underprivileged populations of south Orange County.

Statement of Purpose

Our goal is to create an efficient organization that provides a complete spectrum of integrated primary care services to promote health and wellness via patient education, prevention, and chronic disease management in accessible locations with community engagement.

Employees of our company

For Camino Health Center’s staff, helping others and impacting their community are two of the most critical aspects.

Camino’s patients would not have access to health care if we were not present. It’s not merely “part of the job” to provide these services.

In addition, Camino’s whole service area relies on these vital safety net services to be healthy. Camino’s staff enjoy fair compensation, benefits, and the pleasure of helping a needy community.

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Camino Health Center

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Camino Health Center Payment Option

Camino Health Center’s mission is to provide quality health care to those in our community who are most in need, regardless of their financial situation.

Multiple state-funded insurance plans, as well as certain Covered California products, are accepted by the clinic.

If you need assistance with Covered California enrollment, the health center has a patient liaison advocate on staff who can assist you.

Don’t hesitate to contact 949-240-2030 and ask to talk with a patient liaison advocate to learn more about our services.


Because we are a Federally Qualified Health Center, no patient will be refused treatments because they cannot afford them.

We are happy to accept self-pay consumers who do not have health insurance. You may be eligible for a considerable reduction in the cost of your treatment via our sliding fee discount program, which is based on the size of your family and your gross annual income (before taxes).

We are here to help you since your well-being is our top concern.

Camino Health Center insurance accepted


Camino accepts the following insurance coverage:

  • California was covered.
  • Blue Cross PPO Plan
  • CHOC Health Partnership
  • In addition to the CalOptima Community Care Network, there is also.
  • Direct CalOptima
  • The best
  • OneCareConnect by Optum
  • Health Care Delivery System (MSN)
  • Medicare

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