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About California family fitness

With a well-rounded, clean, and ideal gym for the whole family, California family fitness is delighted to serve Sacramento and the surrounding regions.

Our 19 locations provide various services, including swim instruction for children, personal training to help you attain your objectives, hydromassage to help you recuperate, and a variety of fitness courses.

California family fitness is the best of the best when you combine our member perks, in-gym daycare, and rewards program. Cal fit has a 7-day free trial so that you can see for yourself. Bring your body to cal fit and learn about our success stories.

The purpose of our work

As a family fitness facility in California, we aim to be the state’s most welcoming place for members and workers of all ages to work out. We are dedicated to encouraging a healthy way of life via the use of modern facilities, equipment, and programs, as well as a variety of enjoyable activities for the benefit of our community as a whole.

Philosophy of the family

As a company, our approach is straightforward. When it comes to fitness, we make it enjoyable for everyone. This is because we understand how important health is as a family member. So, let’s work together to make our neighborhood a healthy place to live. It begins with one family at a time, one member.

California family fitness


Is it possible to get a free trial of Cal Fit?

Check out our facilities and equipment for yourself by visiting a California Family Fitness location near you. Try it risk-free for seven days by signing up for a 7-day free trial.

How much does it cost to be a member of California Family Fitness?

Individuals, couples, and families are all welcome to join us. Pricing is available on a month-to-month basis or for a longer period (12-24 months) if you want to save more money. Among our membership options are our Preferred Member Experience, which provides the following benefits:

  • Guests are welcome to join for free indefinitely.
  • Infinite hydrotherapy
  • Tan for as long as you like!
  • More Cal Fit Perks Points to Spend!
  • Entry to the Parent’s Night Out at Kidz Klub is included in the price of admission for all families.
  • One free trip to Mexico every year.

In addition to our regular specials, we work with other local businesses to provide their workers with reduced pricing. Seniors, students, and military members may all benefit from discounted pricing. Please visit one of our clubs or fill out the form below to estimate based on your specific requirements.

Please tell me how to discontinue my Cal Fit subscription.

We realize that life gets in the way of your exercise objectives from time to time. It’s OK if you need to put your existing membership on hold or take a break.

Please visit one of our CFF sites, contact our Member Care Center at 916-987-2030, and follow the directions if you want to discuss canceling your membership or other choices.

Advantages of the fitness family in California

Can I swim laps at California Family Fitness’s facility?

Yes! Most of our properties offer kid-friendly pools and water features. Our Midtown and Natomas sites each include indoor swimming pools for your enjoyment.

Depending on where you live, there are a variety of swimming pools to choose from. Our Watt-Arden club’s swimming pool will be open shortly!

Is there a sauna at California Family Fitness?

Yes! Saunas and steam rooms are common features in many of our facilities. You can find out which clubs offer saunas and steam rooms by visiting this page.

Please let me know whether the California Family Fitness facility has tanning services.

There are tanning beds (both lying down and standing up) accessible to members at several of our clubs. You can see whether a club has a tanning salon by clicking here. Unlimited tanning is included with memberships that have been upgraded to the Preferred Member Experience.

Hydro Massage is a kind of massage that uses water.

In our HydroMassage beds and couches, you may enjoy a daily aqua massage. As strong waves of hot water massage you from head to toe, you’ll be completely clothed and supported. When you have a massage, you’ll be able to focus on the regions of your body that need it most. To obtain your first Hydro Massage for free, please visit this page for additional information.

At California Family Fitness, how much does a personal trainer cost?

One of our Certified Personal Trainers can help encourage you to achieve your fitness objectives and empower you to improve your lifestyle. As a member of our family, we can offer you a discounted fee for health advantages, including weight reduction, strength increase, illness prevention, lower stress and more vitality!

  • We offer 25-minute express training sessions for as little as $50.
  • Our 50-minute one-on-one lessons are available for as little as $80.00 each time.
  • Check out Body Fit, which is a training program that we provide.

Body Fit at Cal Fit costs how much?

In Body Fit, qualified personal trainers teach small group exercises that may be adapted to your physical fitness level, making it a unique fitness experience. During these group training sessions, a cheerful, friendly, and community-oriented environment is created for participants of all ages and fitness levels.

Body Fit costs as little as $14.75 for each class.

Find out more about Body Fit here.


Is my California Family Fitness membership good for complimentary classes?

There are no additional fees for our group exercise courses when joining California Family Fitness. You must download and register for our app to secure your position in the class.

Zumba, Kickboxing, and indoor cycling are just a few of the various group exercise courses available. Our gyms provide a wide range of programs conducted by certified teachers every day.

Does Cal Fit offer any specific courses?

A broad variety of group exercise courses, taught by highly certified instructors, are available at our facility. This list is endless and includes everything from yoga and pilates to Zumba and Kickboxing to indoor cycling and boot camp to core strength and Barre Fusion.

Classes for the elderly and those seeking low-impact workouts are also available. We have a wide variety of exercise classes to choose from, including Zumba Gold and Silver Sculpt & Stretch.

Here you may find out more about the classes we provide.

Visit the gym locator page to see class times at your selected location.

California Fitness Family’s GYM RULES

We’re thrilled to have you as a team member and look forward to learning from your active lifestyle! We at California Family Fitness want everyone who walks into one of our facilities to feel at home.

To help you achieve your fitness objectives, we strive to provide a welcoming, secure, and spotless atmosphere. So that we may all have a great, entertaining time together, we must all do our bit by being kind and respectful to one another.

There are a few things you should know about gym etiquette whether you’re a newbie or a longtime member of Cal Fit, and your contribution to the club atmosphere will be much appreciated!

Please use the following as a reference for:

  • General etiquette and rules of conduct
  • Rules and Etiquette on the Fitness Floor
  • Rules of Etiquette in the Locker Room
  • Rules of Etiquette and Safety in Other Parts of the Fitness Center

Etiquette and Norms of Conduct

There are three general areas of gym etiquette that we’ll cover in further depth later on:

  1. Pay attention to your surroundings. As you finish your exercise at the gym, remember that you are sharing the area with other gym visitors.
  2. Don’t be mean to each other. Don’t say or do anything that will make your grandma frown.
  3. Pretend you’re going to utilize the equipment again by treating it well. To put it simply, being considerate of the property of others means cleaning up after yourself and putting away your belongings properly. We are all working together to maintain the equipment in functioning condition to be ready for you when you arrive.

By adhering to these etiquette rules, we can all help maintain the atmosphere at our clubs good. Please find out how to adhere to the Gym Goer’s 3 Golden Rules at our facilities by reading on.

Do you see that? If you haven’t already, please take a look.

We have a small number of signs throughout the club to assist you in finding your way around. We do our best to make it obvious what is and isn’t acceptable in and around our facilities, but we can’t post signage for every possible case. Our CFF staff members are always happy to help if you have any questions.

Use your mobile phone in moderation.

You can keep track of your progress and log your exercises using several excellent applications. Make use of them, if you like. We merely ask that you abstain from talking loudly on your phone while in our club so that others may enjoy their workout or yoga session.

Hydromassage loungers and cozy seats may be found in certain of our clubs’ lobby areas. These are the ideal places to relax and peruse your phone while you’re here. What about the fitness center’s gear? Not really. The equipment must be ready for active usage at all times, please.

A staff member may respectfully ask you to leave the gym if you’re using your phone, reading through social media, or conversing instead of working out.

When using your phone or taking videos or photos, consider your fellow attendees and the personnel around you. To discourage the other gym-goers from interfering, we ask you to refrain from using them in your feature film.

The areas of our gym where privacy and security are most important, such as the locker rooms, toilets, Childcare, and Kidz Klubs, are off-limits to filming and photographing. Finally, we ask that you put your phone on silent while you’re in a classroom.

Everyone is welcome to use the audio and video equipment!

The ideal entertainment to compliment your training may be found on one of our cardio machines’ displays—download Audio Fetch, free software that lets you hear the code on your computer.

Clubs in Midtown, Roseville, Orangevale, Sunrise, Citrus Heights, Laguna, Elk Grove, Folsom, Rocklin, and Natomas have Audio Fetch accessible for patrons to borrow or purchase.

When you’re in the cardio section, and you have to share a screen with others, remember what you learned in kindergarten about sharing generously. To aid you if you’re not happy with what’s playing in front of you, here are some ideas:

  • A CFF staff member can then assist you in making the necessary changes.
  • Make sure you have your headphones and a portable music player with you as a backup.

We understand that sharing is a good thing, but we ask you to refrain from bringing portable speakers to play your favorite tunes and listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks. At the same time, exercising is now possible thanks to earbuds.

Don’t let germs ruin the fun we’re all having here!

All of our clubs are open to everyone. Throughout the day, many individuals make use of the equipment. We can prevent the transmission of germs and allergies if we all work together.

  • Please wash your hands after using the equipment. Sanitizing stations have been installed across our facilities. By using them, you can help to keep equipment free of germs and pathogens.
  • Make sure the air around you is clean and free of strong odors. Spin class may not be the best place to wear your distinctive perfume or cologne.
  • Please don’t spit at anybody! Let’s keep your mom happy, and we’ll all be happy.
  • As much as we’d like to have you join us, please remain at home if you’re feeling under the weather. Coughing and sneezing in a class or while weightlifting might spread germs to other gym members, putting them at risk for infection. On days when you’re feeling under the weather, consider doing a workout at home with the help of our trainers or one of our many video exercises.

If you witness someone behaving badly in our club, have a strategy in place.

If they put themselves or others in urgent danger, you have every right to intervene and give them a heads-up. More essential than insulting someone is protecting your fellow members.

What if the issue is only inconvenient rather than harmful? If you’re worried about someone behaving improperly, it’s best to contact a CFF staff member. As CFF team members, we’ve discovered that our members are more inclined to accept correction from us than from other members. Therefore we’d want to assist you with this.

Remember that our club’s primary goal is to help members achieve their fitness goals.

CalFamilyFitness centers are designed with the sole purpose of promoting health and wellness via physical activity. We have the right to suspend or cancel membership rights for individuals who utilize our facilities for purposes other than those for which they were intended.

When it comes to California Family Fitness, non-permitted activities might include, but are not limited to: loitering, napping and charging electronic gadgets.

California family fitness

Rules of Etiquette for the Gym Floor

Equipment should be available for the next person to use when you’re done using it.

Even though we’d want to be the first in the industry to introduce Magic Cleaning Fairies, the product is still in the testing phase. It is impossible for us to properly clean and re-configure each piece of equipment for you since so many people utilize it during the day.

Please clean and arrange gym equipment so that your other gym-goers don’t have to do it themselves. You should complete the following before continuing your exercise:

  • For the next person to use, wipe out any sweat or stains on the equipment using a towel and disinfectant spray. Towels, wipes, and a sanitizer spray are available on the floor at all times. We were not finding them or seeing that our supply is getting low? Let us know, and we’ll do our best to assist!
  • Dispose of all equipment.
    • Don’t wait until the finish of your exercise to put away all of your equipment. Allow others to use the equipment when you aren’t actively utilizing it since others are likely eager to utilize it.
    • What kind of bar is it? Plates should be stored properly. Having to remove your weight off the bar before putting on what the next person needs are a slap in the face to the following person. There is no fun in hiding with weights, either!

Utilize the equipment that is at your disposal.

It is feasible to get an efficient and successful exercise while still considering other people’s time and energy. Be kind to your fellow gym-goers and allow them to “work in” on equipment between sessions.

Note: Throwing towels over a piece of equipment does not identify it as belonging to you. As long as you aren’t using it, it should be accessible to others.

Fools only drop dumbbells.

On the other hand, dumbbells aren’t designed to be tossed about. Dumbbells are not designed to be dropped, and if they are, they might shatter. In addition, a dumbbell may bounce and damage you or another member of your group.

Provide a secure haven for those who are entrusted to your care.

When did you study defensive driving in driver’s education? Maintain a cautious driving stance when working out in the weight room. Be on the alert for potential collisions and try to avoid them.

Weights may be swung and moved in any direction using free weights such as dumbbells and plates. A broad bubble will save you from being struck if you notice someone with a loose weight. The more you lift, the better you’ll be able to tell when another lifter can benefit from a little additional room.

Our workout equipment is available to persons at least 12 years old. Our Kidz Klub and daycare facilities are open to children of all ages.

Shoes are more than just a fashion statement in this town, though.

If you’re going to the gym, ensure your footwear is stable and secure before you put it in your luggage. When you’re utilizing cardio machines, weight machines, free weights, or other equipment on the training floor, we ask that you wear closed-toed shoes. Here are some terrific ideas for selecting the best sneakers.

On the wall, in reflection.

Use it to verify your form, not post it on social media. We offer a wide variety of mirrors that you may use for different purposes in our clubs. Be aware that those who use weights often need to examine their form in the mirror on the gym floor. Please keep your hands on your equipment and avoid standing in front of people who actively reflect their shape.

Using our wall-mounted mirrors as stretch support is also discouraged. In contrast to walls, mirrors are not built to withstand heavy loads. Broken or fractured glass during your stretch is something we do not want to happen to you.

Rules and Etiquette for the Locker Room

Personal grooming should be kept private.

To be clear, we’re saying it outright: Intimate grooming or distasteful personal hygiene practices should be done at home, not in the locker room. Clipping nails or hair, washing your feet and clothing in the sink, waxing and zit-popping are just a few examples of self-grooming practices.

Abide by the rules.

Every person has a different amount of self-confidence when it comes to their own body and the bodies of others. Our personal, family and societal conventions influence how we feel about our bodies. We’ve found that modesty is the greatest policy in our locker rooms since there are so many varying degrees of comfort and reasons for those levels. When you’re in the locker room, set limits you would not set in your own house. For example, wear a towel over your clothes.

Another set of principles regarding locker room etiquette:

  • Keep your items to a minimum on the benches and countertops. Allow others to get ready, especially at busy times at the gym.
  • Take care of your mess. Make careful to clean up any shaving cream or makeup that has spilled.
  • When you’re done using a toiletry or an appliance, could you put it back where you found it?
  • Wash your hands after using the sink to avoid splattering any water on the counter or floor.
  • Keep showers clean by removing any personal items, including shampoo, soap, and hairspray, before you leave.
  • Turn off the water after you’re done so that the fish may get a drink.
  • Empty shampoo and soap bottles, and excess towels should not be left.
  • Avoid sliding by drying yourself before moving on to the remainder of the locker room.
  • You may use our hair dryers to dry your hair. Only your head’s hair is at risk.
  • Powders for the feet and body may be a real snare. Please refrain from submitting your application in any of our locker rooms.

Don’t bring the phone with you.

Even if you are only replying to a text from your mother, the camera on your phone may raise some concern in the minds of others. It’s also a good idea to put it on quiet. In our locker rooms, filming and photographing are forbidden.

The Gym’s Other Zones

Here are some useful etiquette and safety rules for other club facilities.

Fitness classes in a group

By joining a group fitness class, you’ll have the benefit of learning from and motivating your classmates, as well as having access to world-class instructors and music. Respect your teacher and your fellow students by following these pointers while you’re in class.

  • Show up on time. Even if you’ve registered ahead of time, you should make every effort to be on time for class.
  • Be hospitable. Everybody begins somewhere, and it’s fantastic to get to know the folks you encounter daily. Make newcomers feel at ease.
  • When a class is in progress, please be considerate and refrain from opening and shutting the door.
  • A personal towel is essential for all riding courses.
  • You are using one’s cell phone. Please silence or switch off your mobile phone before entering the classroom as a sign of respect for your teacher.
  • Our lessons are geared at adults at least 12 years old. While their parents are in class, the younger family members may take advantage of our Kidz Klub and daycare options.

Areas around swimming pools

Many of our clubs include swimming and lap pools, which we are pleased to provide. Be aware that there is no lifeguard on duty while in the pool area.

An adult must accompany children under the age of 12 at all times, and no one under the age of 14 is permitted in our hot tubs.

Children under the age of six must be accompanied in the water at all times by an adult chaperoning them. Please leave the pool as soon as the whistle sounds at the end of each hour for a 10-minute safety break overseen by staff.

Please click here to learn more about our clubs’ pool regulations and safety procedures.

Swimming Pools for Circumference Training

  • If there is a line and all lanes are filled, the lap lanes have a 30-minute time restriction to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to fit in their laps.
  • Limit the number of swimmers in each lane to two to prevent collisions.
  • If the club only has a shared-use pool, a minimum of two lap lanes will be provided for Aqua lessons and other planned pool events.

Room for soaking in the steam and sauna

Heat may be useful, but it can also be deadly if necessary measures aren’t taken. Keep an eye out for any steam-generating hot metal things. Before utilizing a steam room or sauna, pregnant women and anyone with medical conditions should visit their doctor.

First-timers should stay in the steam room for no more than five minutes, while those who are more used to the experience may stay in for up to ten minutes. During and after your steam or sauna session, make sure you drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Before or during your visit to our steam rooms or sauna, you should abstain from consuming heavy meals, smoking, or consuming alcohol of any kind.

While flip-flops and sandals are acceptable footwear in the sauna and steam room, trainers and running shoes are not. To ensure your safety, abide by following extra guidelines.

The sauna and steam room are not equipped with any workout equipment for your safety and to protect the sauna and steam room from harm.

During a session in the steam room:

  • When not using the steam room, keep the door closed.
  • Outside of the steam chamber, plastic bags should not be used.
  • Do not use water to wash down the thermostat.

When you’re in the sauna, you should:

  • Showering before using the sauna is recommended.
  • In the sauna, use a towel for sitting or laying down.
  • We use dry saunas at our facility. Avoid drenching the rocks with water.

Playing Surfaces for Basketball and Rough Court Basketball

Working on your backhand while shooting hoops is a wonderful way to build up a sweat. Racquetball and basketball courts are accessible at numerous of our clubs, and we’re grateful for the opportunity. To ensure your safety and pleasure, we ask that you observe the following rules while playing on our courts.

  • On the courts, only non-marking shoes should be worn (no black soled shoes).
  • Avoid approaching or quitting the court during a game if you can help it.
  • Basketball courts are available from 8 a.m. until noon for Kidz Klub activities.
  • Protective eyewear is highly recommended for racquetball.

Basketball Court Regulations for Cal Fit

  • There will be no “trash talking” or bad language used on or off the floor.
  • No hurling or kicking off the basketballs toward the ceiling, walls, or lighting fixtures is permitted.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted in the courtroom.
  • A full-court 4v4 or 5v5 game will be given preference over other games.
  • There will be no fighting or bickering between players or staff members (s). Please go immediately.
  • The personnel enforces all regulations, and they may do so without permission.
  • There will be no tolerance for unsportsmanlike behavior here.

Scaling a Vertical Obstacle

Are you feeling a little stressed out? Climbing our walls is very OK. That is unless you include the rock walls that surround our homes. Rock climbing is a great way to get both aerobic and strength training, as well as a good dose of agility. To keep you secure, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • First-time climbers must pass a certification: Exam before they may access the wall. For this, one of our staff members must provide a quick introduction to climbing and provide basic safety advice. Your certification will be kept on file.
  • Requirements about the participant’s age: A parent or guardian must accompany children under the age of 11 at all times. Climbers above the age of 12 may do so alone. However, a staff person must be present at all times.
  • Use of the Climbing Wall:
    • Visit the front desk to register and check out harnesses.
    • O Only one individual at a time is allowed to use the stations
    • It is strictly forbidden to engage in any horseplay.
    • If other people are waiting, there is a 15-minute time restriction.
    • Members Only
    • A waiver and certification must be on file before attempting to climb.
  • Please abide by any additional safety regulations stated by your club.


We’re thrilled to have new members of all ages join our groups! To ensure their safety and well-being, we provide a wide range of high-quality child care services and activities. Please assist us in this effort.

  • Kids who are sick need to be kept at home: We cannot accept unwell children for the safety of other children and our employees. A person’s admission will be rejected if they show indicators of disease.
  • Please make sure you check in and out with a member of staff.
  • Our play area will be closed before and after our regular business hours.
  • Our time restriction is two hours.
  • There are times when children need a break: We have a time-out process in place for any misbehavior or wrongdoing. To learn more about how this is implemented, feel free to speak with a child care worker.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the play areas save for water, your baby’s bottle, or on-site snacks.

Thank you very much for joining us at Cal Fit! When in doubt regarding club policies, don’t hesitate to approach a Cal Fit staff for assistance.

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