Boulder Community Health: Release Of Information

Boulder Community Health is a not-for-profit, community-owned, and run health system committed to providing local access to high-quality medical care to Boulder residents and businesses.

Heart, neurosurgery, stroke treatment, orthopedics, and cancer care are some of the areas where we excel.

A heritage of early adoption of new medical technology and practices is something we take great pride in, and it helps us provide better care for our patients.

Our Products and Services

At our flagship Foothills Hospital, you’ll find state-of-the-art medical facilities and amenities to make your stay more pleasant.

The following items may be found in the patient room:

  • Room service in the manner of a hotel
  • For patients, seasonal menu choices
  • Awe-inspiring alpine scenery
  • Visits from the Canine Corps, which we adore.

Facilities for visitors include:

  • Barista-staffed coffee shop
  • Starbucks’ coffee
  • We have a large selection of food in our café (including vegetables from our rooftop garden)
  • Religious services and a chapel are available.
  • A gift store is also open.
  • Labyrinth for contemplation
  • An outdoor fitness program.


The Community Hospital Association was formed on April 19, 1922, almost two years after the University of Colorado School of Medicine planned to move its school to Denver.

45 beds were installed at the Boulder Community Hospital in 1926 when it was re-opened.
BCH started raising money for expansion in 1955. In 1974, the hospital had 172 beds and saw more than 14,000 patients per year in the emergency department.

In 1985, BCH started branching into neighboring areas, eventually becoming Boulder Community Health, a regional health network.

Foothills Hospital in East Boulder was chosen as the new home for Boulder Community Health on October 9, 2014, because it is more centrally located for Boulder County residents.

Non-critical care, inpatient rehabilitation, mental health services, and billing and records all remained at Boulder Community Hospital after the merger.

In 2015, the Boulder City Council approved the acquisition of the BCH facility. The last day of service for Boulder Community Health was April 8, 2019, and a farewell ceremony was conducted on April 26.

In May, the city of Boulder received possession of the land.

boulder community health

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Boulder Community Health jobs

Become a member of our caring, hardworking, and skillful team!

The Human Resources Department’s job is to seek, hire, support, and retain the best and brightest in the field at Boulder Community Health.

Join our mission-driven health care system and make a difference. To see what roles we currently have open, please click here.


To do this, we rely on the following ENCORE! Values:

  • Greetings to all visitors
  • Be kind and respectful to others
  • Meet the needs and concerns of the people around you
  • Be a good communicator.
  • Contribute to the betterment of our hospital
  • Personal and professional responsibility must be shown.
  • Click here to read more about our Vision, Core Values, and Core Beliefs.

Community Issues

BCH has been selected as the Best Local Medical Facility in Boulder by the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper readers because of our outstanding employees. We create an environment where both patients and team members feel cared for.

An Equal Opportunity Employer, Boulder Community Health welcomes all qualified candidates. Race, creed, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and national origin shall not be used as a factor in selecting suitable candidates for employment, and applicants will not be discriminated against based on handicap.

boulder community health

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Boulder Community Health portal

Portal for MyBCH Patients and Epic HER

Secure Online Access to Your Medical Records and More!

With MyBCH, you have a direct channel to your medical team and your electronic health record, accessible round-the-clock on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. There are various features available via MyBCH, including online check-in and medication refill requests, and access to your test results.


Features of MyBCH

With MyBCH, you have online access to all of your medical records and the following useful features.

  • Keep track of all of your appointments: Visit our Appointment Center to schedule a new appointment, or review your prior and future works.
  • Check out the results: The days of waiting for a call or a letter are over. Get your test results and doctor’s feedback in just a few days.
  • Paying bills online: Whether at home or on the move, you may access and pay your copays and invoices.
  • Check-in over the Internet: Check in ahead of time, update your personal, medical, and insurance information, eSign documents, and complete surveys before your appointment.
  •  Talk to your physician: You don’t have to waste time on hold or make unnecessary visits to get answers to your medical questions.
  • Requesting a refill on a prescription: For any of your re-orderable meds, submit a refill request.
  • More!

MyBCH Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyBCH stand for?

Online patients may access their health care team and electronic health records via MyBCH, a secure and customized online portal. Patients may use MyBCH to do the following:

  • Examine the outcomes of the experiment
  • Ensure that you and your medical team can communicate safely and securely
  • Make an appointment for medical care
  • Access your electronic health record to get a summary of your health.
  • Request that prescriptions be renewed.
  • And there’s much more!

How much does MyBCH cost?

Our patients have access to MyBCH as a free benefit.

What do I need to get started with MyBCH?

You’ll either need an Internet-connected PC with a current browser (like Google Chrome) or a smartphone with an app to use this service.

Is MyBCH a safe investment?

We take every precaution to protect the privacy and security of the personal health information you provide us with.

Authentication codes, usernames, and passwords are used to restrict access to information, and no one else can access your account unless you know your unique password.

MyBCH messaging occurs when you sign in to our protected website, unlike traditional e-mail.

Do you have a Privacy Statement?

Boulder Community Health owns and operates MyBCH, which ultimately complies with federal and state privacy regulations.

In the same way, BCH treats your medical information; your name and e-mail address will never be sold or leased to anybody outside of BCH.

boulder community health

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Boulder community health Imaging

Nationally Recognized, the Most Up-to-Date Technology

A mask will be needed for everyone entering a BCH care facility, except children under 2 years of age and those with medical conditions that prevent them from removing a mask on their own. * It is not permissible to use cloth, bandana, neck gaiter, or masks with valves.

Our board-certified radiologists and professional staff employ the latest cutting-edge technology to offer our experts realistic pictures that help them assess and diagnose medical issues.

Indeed, we are the only healthcare provider north of Denver with imaging facilities certified by the American College of Radiology as a Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence® (DICOE).

The highest level of medical imaging treatment is represented by this title. Accreditation is not enough to acknowledge the most acceptable imaging methods and diagnostic services; it recognizes excellence at numerous levels, including professional people, technology, and policies and procedures.

Patients can rest easy in terms of imaging services, knowing that they’re getting the best possible quality, safety, and care when they see the DICOE seal of approval.

Make an Appointment for an Imaging Test

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