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The purchase of C&A Industries, LLC, has made Aureus Medical Group a national leader in healthcare staffing and a Medical Solutions firm, one of the most reputable names in the staffing industry.

Aureus Medical, established in 1984, provides a countrywide network of highly qualified and devoted healthcare professionals to meet the medical staffing requirements of healthcare institutions in all 50 states.

Healthcare workers in the departments of nursing, therapy, medical laboratory, radiology, cancer, cardiopulmonary, and neurodiagnostic are eligible for travel and full-time employment.

Aureus Medical has entered a new chapter with the purchase of C&A and has joined forces with Medical Solutions.

Together, we’ll continue to improve our service offerings to satisfy the evolving demands of our consumers while maintaining a first-class employment experience for our team members.


Aureus Medical’s goal is to make the neighborhood a better environment for both residents and employees. Every year, we make a major cash commitment and provide countless volunteer hours to organizations like United Way, Salvation Army, The Food Bank, local homeless shelters, and adolescent outreach programs, among others, as part of company-wide initiatives and employee-driven philanthropy.
There are two medical companies based in Omaha, Nebraska: Medical Solutions and Aureus Medical.

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Our Ethics Code

Aureus Medical Group is committed to surpassing our partners’ expectations as a healthcare provider. All other healthcare service providers should look to us as an example of what they should strive to achieve in professionalism, ethics, and quality.

Employees at Aureus Medical are guided by our Code of Ethics, which sets the bar for ethical behavior, dedication, competence, and honesty on the job.

Employees at Aureus Medical Become Committed To:

Be professional and accountable in all aspects of their work, including their profession, job, and employer.
Doing the right thing and upholding a high level of morality and honesty are hallmarks of integrity.

Respect and decency must be shown to everyone they encounter or who is entrusted with their care.
Unrestricted by worries about personal traits and providing outstanding patient care and service without prejudice.

Conduct yourself in a way that contributes to an atmosphere free of all types of harassment while doing your assigned duties with a spirit of collaboration.

Medical professionals are expected to keep their patients’ privacy in mind while exposing personal information, but only where it is necessary to safeguard the individual or the community’s welfare.

Acceptable practices and hospital protocols must be adhered to while using equipment, accessories, methods, and procedures.

Respect the law and stay away from anything that might be seen as fraudulent or misleading. Honor all contracts, commitments, and obligations that you’ve been assigned to do.

This is our mission statement.

People and businesses alike may count on us to assist them in reaching their objectives via our services.

Our Family

We are committed to recruiting and maintaining top talent by creating a work environment that rewards hard work and encourages employees to collaborate and communicate openly.


creating an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie among our staff:

  • Prioritizing ethical conduct
  • Being fair to everyone
  • Helping one another out
  • Striking the right work-life balance

Career Growth

We will inspire the next generation of leaders by :

  • Attracting highly driven individuals who are looking for a job that provides them with a sense of fulfillment and career advancement
  • Giving the best training, tools, and mentorship possible


This is how we will develop long-lasting relationships:

  • Honest and timely communication with potential workers and applicants
  • Promoting and valuing mutually beneficial communication
  • To make informed judgments, we must provide the essential tools and resources.


When we say we’ll do something, we mean it.

  • Doing what we say we’ll do.
  • Getting it Right
  • Getting things Done on Time

Our Customers

Customer service is a top priority for us, and we will stop at nothing to ensure that our employees live up to that standard.


Conducting ourselves in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards

  • Treating others with respect and decency
  • To do the right thing, both ethically and legally, one must have the character to do it.
  • Individual accountability for ethical behavior amongst our employees

Service to the customer

We will create long-term commercial relationships by following these steps:

  • Our customers deserve to be handled the same manner as they would want to be treated.
  • Being open and truthful in one’s communication
  • All types of correspondence must be answered within 24 hours.
  • Providing the best possible service to our customers
  • Our customers’ requirements must be listened to for us to properly grasp them.


When we say we’ll do something, we mean it.

  • Providing the customer with the most suitable candidate
  • Setting a reasonable pricing
  • Doing what we say we’ll do.
  • Getting it Right
  • Getting things Done on Time

aureus medical

Is Aureus Medical Group a good company?

How would you rate working at Aureus Medical Group? Over 235 anonymous reviews have given Aureus Medical Group an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5.

Workers at Aureus Medical Group have a 97% recommendation rate and a 94% favorable outlook.

Aureus Medical health insurance

Travel nurses, therapists, and more benefit from a comprehensive benefits package.

Aureus Medical Group takes care of you while you focus on your patients. Our benefits package guarantees that you’re properly taken care of, whether it’s in terms of physical and financial health, education and training, housing and travel, and so on.
Only contract workers on assignment with Aureus Medical are eligible for the following perks.


Dental, vision and four different health insurance plans are all included in our all-inclusive insurance package, and you’re able to enroll on the same day you sign up.

We provide an Employee Assistance Program and nine more optional benefits at no additional cost to you, including life insurance and accidental injury coverage.

Advantages for Your Health

  • A trip to the workplace
  • Preventive Care
  • Chiropractors
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Diagnosis of Vision Problems
  • Urgent Care Center & Emergency Room
  • Medication on Prescription
  • Maximum Vision Benefits for the Rest of Your Lifetime

Benefits of Vision

  • Achieves a National Reach
  • Co-payments for eyeglasses and eye examinations

Dentists’ Insurance

  • Preliminary Dental Examinations
  • Dental Preventive Services at the Foundational Level
  • Achieves a National Reach
  • Orthodontia in Children AND Adults IS AN OPTION

A 401(k) Plan

If you don’t take care of it now, your future is at stake. You may start contributing to your 401k right away, and if you contribute 5% of your salary, you’ll get an additional 4% corporate match.

Referral Rewards

Refer a friend, family member, or coworker to Aureus, and you’ll get a bonus of up to $500. Travel nursing jobs, physical therapy jobs, occupational therapy jobs, and more are available for qualified healthcare workers.

The Loyalty Award

For every 600 hours worked, you’ll get a $600 loyalty incentive, with no limit on how much you may earn.


We want you to have a good time while you’re away from home. We provide completely furnished, pet-friendly, private, and paid housing alternatives that may be tailored to meet your specific requirements, as well as the assistance of our knowledgeable in-house housing staff.

Traveling for free

Our in-house travel professionals organize your contract assignment travel to and from us.

Additional Advantages

Our compensation package includes paid licenses, paid immunizations, direct payroll deposit, and various additional benefits, including Critical Illness, LTD, Hospital Indemnity, Accidental Benefits for Pets, and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), as well as Voluntary Life and AD/D Insurance.

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Aureus Medical reviews

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Aureus Medical healthcare facility 

You can rely on us for reliable staffing services.

When it comes to healthcare staffing, Aureus Medical Group is one of the country’s biggest and most experienced companies. We know what’s most important: 24-hour excellent care for your patients and their families.
Medical staffing solutions are available at any moment, and we’re here to help you get the most out of your resources. Your connection with us will benefit from our 35 years of expertise.

Aureus Medical Partnership Benefits:

  • Your facility and healthcare team will benefit from having easy access to a national pool of qualified and committed job applicants.
      • Hand-picked based on the characteristics of your potential opportunity
      • A pre-approved and pre-screened candidate
      • I am fully licensed and have obtained all of the necessary certifications.
  • There is a wide range of healthcare specialties, from nursing and treatment to medical laboratory and imaging to cancer and cardiac and neurodiagnostic staffing.
  • National contract (travel), full-time hiring, and managed services are available via Medical Solutions, our sibling firm.
  • Traditional search time and paperwork are cut in half. Prevent expensive recruiting blunders.
  • You can improve morale by addressing your staffing issue and providing the greatest possible standard of care for your patients.
  • 24/7 help from experienced recruiters who concentrate on a certain specialty/modality.

Services Under Control

Medical Solutions is a prominent managed services provider for healthcare institutions that streamlines and simplifies contingent workforce operations by acting as a single point of contact for clinical and non-clinical employment requirements.

With the aid of a specialized Clinical Team and web-based technology, Medical Solutions’ people-based model provides tailored solutions to help you minimize labor costs, maintain compliance and enhance fill rates. Medical Solutions’ people-based approach

Certified by the Joint Commission

At Aureus Medical, we are dedicated to setting the standard for healthcare staffing excellence in all we do. We have been awarded the Joint Commissions Gold Seal of ApprovalTM is an honor that we take great pride in.

Our accreditation with The Joint Commission has been successfully renewed by Aureus Medical, one of the nation’s first healthcare staffing organizations, since 2005. Audits by the Joint Commission have never resulted in any points being docked from our total.

Using this mark of quality displays our commitment to the highest standards of performance and level of service and to our staff, our patients, and you.

Aureus Medical Jobs

Are you looking for a healthcare job? There is no better place to be than here. Travel nursing, travel therapy, and other allied health vocations are available with Aureus Medical Group.

Travel and full-time jobs are available across our countrywide network in the disciplines of nursing, therapy, medical lab, imaging, cancer, cardiopulmonary, and neurodiagnostics.

Find your dream career with the aid of Aureus Medical. Check out our current job listings with our Job Search tool. Then, get in touch with us or apply online!

 Aureus Medical

Aureus Medical FAQ

Exactly what is a travel nurse or therapist?

As a trained nurse, you’re looking for a way to travel the nation or improve your CV while also seeing a wide range of healthcare settings.

A job as a travel nurse might be ideal for you! While working as a travel nurse, you have the flexibility to select where and when you want to work, and a dedicated recruiter is there to help you along the way.

Most hospital travel nurse jobs last 13 weeks. Travel to the next project or take a break between them after you’ve finished the previous one.

A 401(k) and a host of other perks are available to employees at Aureus Medical. As an added bonus, you may choose to include housing in your package.

More than 35 years of experience in healthcare staffing have made Aureus a market leader. Travel nurse positions with us are available in all 50 states. Many more allied health areas are also available via Aureus.

Is a career in travel nursing or therapy right for me?

Travel therapy, travel nursing, and other travel healthcare positions need a wide range of skills and attributes from healthcare professionals.

Flexibility is essential in this situation since it necessitates rapid adaptation to a new environment. Successful healthcare employment “on the road” needs the ability to work effectively in teams, retain a positive outlook, and adapt well to new environments.

What do I have to do to begin working with an agency like Aureus Medical, which places healthcare workers?

It’s not difficult at all. The first step towards a career in healthcare with Aureus Medical is submitting our online Quick Apply application.

Once this process is complete, a recruiter will reach out to you to discuss your career aspirations. At this point, a skills checklist and updated résumé will be required from you.

After that, we’ll start looking for new work opportunities in your area of healthcare, whether you’re looking for a permanent position or a role that requires you to travel (travel nursing, travel therapy, etc.).

After submitting an application, what are my responsibilities?

After completing your online application, you are under no commitment to work with Aureus Medical. For the length of the assignment, you will be an employee of Aureus Medical if you sign a contract.

How long are travel nursing or travel therapy assignments?

While the duration of a normal travel assignment might range from 13 weeks to 26 weeks, it depends on your modality or specialty.

There are several instances why your contract might be extended beyond the original assignment period. If you’d want to prolong your current assignment or perhaps continue on full-time, speak with your recruiter.

Travel nursing, travel therapy, and travel roles in the medical laboratory, imaging, oncology, cardiac, neurodiagnostics, and more are available throughout the country.

How can I know that there will always be assignments?

The ability to adapt is critical. While we offer a wide variety of travel opportunities around the country, it’s conceivable that an assignment may not be available in the destination at the time you want to go.

Working with major healthcare institutions around the country, we have many job openings available. Because of this, and because of our more than 35 years of expertise in healthcare staffing, we can spot possibilities that smaller organizations just do not have.

In other words, let us know your desired destination, and our team will work on making it a reality. Aside from nursing and therapy, we also specialize in allied health travel, including travel for other professions.

Can you find me a project quickly?

We’ve been able to identify possibilities in as little as a day because of our extensive network of hospitals. Realistically, it is dependent on the demand for your specialty and the geographic location in which you are asking (travel nursing, travel therapy, etc.).

It usually takes us one to four weeks from when you first contact us before you begin working with us. It’s not uncommon for some of our workers to secure their spots up to six months in advance.

What happens once I finish my assignment?

We want you to be able to work as often as you’d like. We encourage you to consult with your recruiter while you’re on assignment to see if there are any options for extending your stay, changing locations, or taking some time off. You get to make the call!

Is there a charge for the healthcare staffing services provided by Aureus Medical?

Our medical staffing services are free for all of our prospects. Our clients fund our rates by partnering with us to find the best healthcare specialists for their hospitals and medical institutions.

As a healthcare professional with Aureus Medical, your future is just a few steps away. To begin, fill out an online Quick Apply form.
During my travels, what kind of lodging will be supplied for me?

Our housing specialists work with you and your recruiter to ensure that you and your recruiter have the most convenient commute, the safest environment, and the greatest possible security. Because of this, you have a wide range of alternatives to finding a place to call home.

In addition, we take care of everything for you, from furnishing and utilities to transportation and cleaning. A housing stipend will be provided if you’d rather make your own arrangements or stay with friends or family.

Can I travel with a friend, family, or pet?

Definitely! Travel nursing, travel therapy, or any other kind of healthcare vocation maybe even more fulfilling when you accompany your spouse or a close friend along for the ride.

In addition, bringing your pet along with you may further enhance the experience of being “at home.” If the apartment complex has a deposit for pets, you’ll have to pay for it, as well as any other differences in living arrangements (upgrades to a 2 bedroom, etc.).

You are also responsible for paying for your traveling companion’s airfare and lodging. If you have any unique demands, please contact your recruiter.

Do you work with Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)?

Yes, that’s correct. LPNs and CNAs looking for full-time or part-time work may find it with Aureus Medical, which has facilities all across the country.

Is it possible for you to assist me in finding a full-time job?

Absolutely! Aureus provides a wide range of employment opportunities depending on your personal and professional objectives.

In addition to travel nursing, travel therapy, or another healthcare specialty, we can assist you in finding a meaningful and interesting position. A broad range of possibilities is available around the country.

After submitting our Quick Apply online application, a recruiter will get in touch with you to explore your career goals and preferences. Afterward, we’ll begin searching for full-time positions that fit your talents and interests!!

What if anything goes wrong while I’m on a trip?

A phone call will get you the help you need. We’re here for you seven days a week, 24 hours a day. When you need us, we’ll be there for you.

What are the perks of working with Aureus Medical, and what are they?

Aureus is a terrific place to work in healthcare. Health, dental, and life insurance are available to persons who work on travel assignments.

Our 401(k) plan includes matching payments from the company, so you may also take advantage of that. Professional liability insurance is also available. Our benefits package is among the most comprehensive in the business. For further information, please contact us.

What about licenses and certifications?

Aureus is here to help you advance your career in healthcare. Aureus also covers the expense of payments for state licenses required for your work.


How and when do I get paid?

Amounts are deposited into your account every week. Direct Electronic Deposit to your preferred bank is available via Aureus Medical.

Is my paycheck subject to taxes?

Yes. We take care of your taxes and issue you a W2 at the end of the year if you work as a travel employee for Aureus Medical.

Is it possible for me to get a vacation allowance?

Yes. In most circumstances, our travel workers are entitled to 40 paid vacation hours after working 2,080 hours for us. Your contract will spell out the details of the project.

What sections of the nation are you most interested in?

Travel and direct hire jobs are available via Aureus Medical. Thanks to our comprehensive network, you may choose from a wide variety of venues and settings.

My search for a new home has begun. Including my family in the quest is something I’d want to do, but how?

Aureus Medical recognizes the significance of a patient’s loved ones in decision-making and strives to meet their needs. During an onsite interview, we invite applicants to bring their families along to learn more about the area, its culture, schools, religious groups, and available arts and leisure.

In the case of direct-hire positions, the healthcare organization and your recruiter will normally collaborate to plan site visits and tours.

Do I have to pay for my own transportation to and from my interviews, or does the company foot the bill?

Your initial interview will be a phone conversation or a live video chat in most cases. There may be a need for an onsite visit, in which case Aureus Medical will take care of everything, including paying for it.

Your onsite interview (or live virtual interview) will be handled by Aureus Medical, including all schedules, transportation, and hotel accommodations.

The prospective employer covers the costs of your visit. Special requests, such as a community tour and visits to local schools, religious institutions, and tourist destinations, may be accommodated by your recruiter in conjunction with the healthcare organization.

We want you to know as much as possible about both the workplace and the community before making a choice about your future.

What is Aureus Medical’s policy on privacy?

Health care organizations are kept in the dark about your quest for a new journey or direct hiring position, and your resume or CV is never forwarded to them without your prior permission. It is important to us that you remain anonymous.

Do you know how long it will take to find a job (admission)?

Recruitment at Aureus Medical is tailored to the specific needs of each job. It’s important to note that each candidate Aureus Medical represents has a unique set of abilities. As a result, a candidate’s job search length will vary.

After submitting an online application with Aureus Medical, what is the next step?

A representative from Aureus Medical will get in touch with you after you’ve completed an online application to see whether a formal interview can be scheduled.

Is there a charge for the services provided by Aureus Medical?

Candidates do not have to pay us for our help.

How much do the jobs at Aureus Medical pay?

When it comes to hourly and salary pay rates, credentials and experience play a major role. During the interview with Aureus Medical, pay rates are addressed.

Do temporary workers at Aureus Medical have access to company benefits?

Yes. Enrollment and eligibility standards must be met for benefits to qualified workers.

Do I need to provide my Social Security Number on my application?

During the application procedure, not at all. To complete the Background Consent form and other documentation needed by state or federal law, you must provide your Social Security Number.

Is a degree or certification required to work at Aureus Medical?

If you seek a job in a certain industry, your chances of being hired are higher. Clients’ expectations about formal education and professional experience are vastly different.

Do I have to fill out a lot of paperwork before my interview?

You must submit a full application and any required skill sheets to be considered for an interview. If you have one, please include it with your application. By completing more sections, you will speed up the interview process at Aureus Medical.

Do you have any recommendations for me?

Your immediate supervisors and/or managers provide the finest references. Aureus Medical is also willing to chat with former coworkers about potential job opportunities.

Is it possible to copy and paste my CV into the application?

No. You have the option of including your resume in the following formats as an attachment to your application: There are many formats of Microsoft Word (.docx), Microsoft Excel (.xls), and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) (.txt, .rtf). You may copy and paste your work responsibilities from one position to another.

Instead of the job history part, may I send my resume?

No. The work history section includes more information than a resume, such as particular achievements, the sector in which the organization operates, etc.

Aureus Medical will better represent you in your job hunt the more information we have about your employment history.

What distinguishes Aureus Medical from the competition?

Since 1969, Aureus Medical has assisted medical professionals in achieving their professional goals. We have a distinct advantage because of our skills, clients, networks, knowledge, and leadership.

We’re the best in the business when it comes to finding people jobs. Our parent company, C&A Industries, has been in business for over 50 years and was recently bought by Medical Solutions, the nation’s biggest privately owned healthcare staffing firm. Medical Solutions.

What kinds of shifts can you get with Aureus Medical?

When it comes to shifts, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Exactly how long does the application/interview process take to complete?

The application/interview process at Aureus Medical has been optimized to maximize efficiency for all parties involved. Aureus Medical’s office might take up to two hours to visit.

What is the employment procedure at Aureus Medical?

Following an online application and skill sheet submission, Aureus Medical requires a formal interview and the verification of references (s). Once the Conditional Job Offer is accepted, the rest of the steps are performed.

You will be contacted by Aureus Medical when a job matching your credentials becomes available. We want you to be proactive during your job hunt and check in with us at least once per week.

When I’ve linked my résumé, why do I need to fill out the application?

To be considered for a position at Aureus Medical, an application must be submitted in its entirety. Instead of listing your job functions as they appear on a resume, the application asks for information on unique achievements you’ve had throughout your career.

In addition, adding a comprehensive summary of employment history will often catch employment experience not specifically indicated on a resume. Every job experience is welcome at Aureus Medical, which looks for transferrable talents in its recruiting process.

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