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At American Health Network, we care as much about your family’s health as you do. Across Indiana and Ohio, we offer more than 50 facilities and more than 300 primary care physicians and specialists.

Whether you’re a new parent or a senior citizen, you can count on us to be there for you. Medical professionals on our staff are dedicated to ensuring that you have a positive experience throughout your stay with us.

In other words, you can get high-quality, low-cost treatment tailored to your specific medical need. Become familiar with the services offered by American Health Network.


  • Creating a culture that mirrors our fundamental beliefs is a top priority.
  • There is an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration.
  • Each member of the team is accountable for their activities.
  • Everyone openly and honestly congratulates success.

Staff and managers work together to make choices and take action. And, as usual, the goal is to have happy patients.

Priorities are:

  • High-quality care
  • High-quality support
  • Care that is comprehensive
  • Keeping tabs on the money.


An independent group of doctors created AHN in 1994. They wanted to find a better approach to providing high-quality health care to the public.

The exact rigorous requirements still apply today:

  • Provide the greatest possible medical treatment.
  • Create a dedicated company that provides patients with affordable, high-quality medicine.
  • Effective disease management programs should be developed and made available.

What makes us apart

  • The doctors we deal with are devoted to providing the best possible treatment.
  • We treat each other with respect.
  • We encourage new ideas and constant progress.
  • All of this is done to assist each patient in leading the healthiest possible life.

American Health Network

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American Health Network

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American Health Network jobs

American Health Network

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We hire people who want to help people.

Make a difference in patients’ lives by becoming a patient advocate. Join Optum and UnitedHealth Group’s American Health Network to further your career.

Those in the medical field who are dedicated to providing high-quality treatment are encouraged to apply.

Opportunities for physicians, NP, and PA

The economies of Indiana and Ohio, where we do business, are booming. You may help us get there by applying to be a doctor, nurse practitioner, or PA.

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Non-physician career options

In Indiana and Ohio, look for administrative and non-clinical employment.

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The Administrative Fellowship of the American Health Networks
Get hands-on training and experience to help you succeed in the health care industry.

Learn more.

American Health Network Optum

AHN is a part of Optum.

Throughout Indiana and Ohio, we provide a wide range of tailored services. There are more than 70 medical facilities to choose from and more than 200 primary care physicians and specialists.

We’re here to make sure you have a positive experience in our care. In other words, you can get high-quality, low-cost treatment tailored to your specific medical need.

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