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Ambra Health

Ambra Health is a cloud-based platform for storing and administering medical images and data. Personal and professional commitments to improving healthcare via better technology are at the core of our work.

Ambra’s mission is to enhance medical image management procedures and workflows throughout the circle of care for extensive hospital systems, physician groups, imaging facilities, clinical research organizations, and health information exchanges.

Ambra provides premier healthcare providers, including Stanford Children’s Health, Memorial Hermann, Jefferson Radiology, and CareWell Urgent Care, with real-time access to medical pictures and data.

Customers’ care networks benefit from Ambra Health’s SaaS application, which enables the creation of new patient services, builds network preference, generates new income streams, and eliminates expensive technological obstacles that impede business performance and diagnostic discoveries.

Ambra’s cloud-based platform is flexible, scalable, and highly interoperable. It can be integrated and deployed with extraordinary agility and speed to offer simple solutions that promote internal adoption, boost collaboration, and significantly improve business results.

Customer loyalty is built on our constant faith in the capabilities of both technology and people, and this combination sets us apart.


DICOM Grid, Inc. was created in 2004 as a cloud-based medical imaging startup.

As DG Suite, DICOM Grid’s cloud-based platform, diagnostic imaging, and health data may be stored, retrieved, and shared by healthcare practitioners and patients.

Later, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act gave the platform a blessing (HIPAA). Since 2014, it has been named the best in KLAS and won the 2016 SIIA CODiE award.

Ambra Health, a DBA of DICOM Grid, Inc., was renamed in September 2016. According to the firm, their platform was being used by 750 healthcare practitioners as of 2017.

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Ambra Health

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Ambra Health Patient Portal

Stop wasting time with CDs and paperwork so you may focus on your client. Upload or access images from inside your patient portal and empower your patients to do the same.

Improve patient happiness and loyalty by spending as much time as possible with them.

Delight Your Patients with the Best Experience

Patients have come to anticipate more access to their medical records, rewarding providers with loyalty and recommendations from others.

Patients should be able to schedule appointments online and update their personal information through a portal.

An image-enabled patient portal is much more satisfying to patients and doctors since it reduces administrative stress and optimizes necessary consultation time.

Connect with Your Patient Portal

Patients who use Epic, athenahealth, or any other patient portal may count on us to support them. Our cloud image management system supports a wide variety of file formats, which integrates fast into your site.

Using web-based APIs may even be tailored to current requirements. A patient’s EHR jacket or a mobile device may quickly view the research you’ve uploaded.

Before the Consultation, Access Imaging

Before or during a test, do you struggle with proprietary viewers or juggle CDs to access study materials? Ambra links to any patient portal, allowing patients to submit their CD images straightforwardly and naturally.

No forgotten studies and no administrative time wasted. And with our FDA 510(k) viewer, doctors enjoy the same consistent viewing experience for every consultation, thanks to the web-based viewer.

To minimize the time spent searching for imaging by 60%, DISC Sports & Spine made it possible for patients to submit their images to our site.”

DISC Sports & Spine’s Director of Information Technology, Peter Drasnin

Efficiently Handle and Route Patient-Provided Research

Ambra uses complex workflow principles to deliver research supplied by patients to the appropriate physician automatically.

Our cloud image management platform guarantees that studies are securely saved, delivered to PACS, backed up, and constantly accessible.

Even inside your clinic or network, you may rapidly exchange images supplied by patients. 

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Ambra Health Physician Portal

Increasing referrals can only be achieved via the use of high-quality images.

Accept images with simplicity by updating your physician portal to make submitting images easy and to assure precise routing to the proper physician, radiologist or specialization.

Uploading images has never been easier, and Annotated images may also be sent digitally to your referrer.

Eliminate Referral Barriers. Switch to Imaging Ubiquity.

To expand your network of referrals, you’ll need to get your referring doctors to join an image-sharing service, change their current benefit, or pay for software.

To upload or view images, your referrers won’t have to do anything more than click on a secure link on a website or in an email, thanks to Ambra’s frictionless methodology.

Upgrade Your Portal if It’s a Referral Mousetrap.

Using an image-enabled gateway reduces the need for CDs and additional research and increases the speed of referrals.

All file kinds may be handled by Ambra, which effortlessly integrates with your referring physician’s portals. As a result, your referrers may confidently share imagery with you at any moment.

Thanks to Ambra, we can concentrate on increasing referrals and making our imaging narrative about revenue, not only cost reduction.”

Pete Celano, MedStar Institute for Innovation’s Director of Consumer Health Initiatives, spoke at the event.

Sends referrals to the appropriate doctor whenever possible

Physicians, radiologists, and subspecialists can see their reports at any time and location using a universal viewer provided by Ambra’s workflow engine.

You won’t ever have to deal with a recommendation sent to the incorrect place again.

Provide Improved Referral Physician Services

It’s up to the referring doctors to decide. They refer patients to specialists such as radiologists and doctors for the best care.

As a result, Ambra allows two-way communication. Even in the case of an outpatient procedure, Ambra may digitally convey the patient’s medical records and annotated images to the referring physician.

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Ambra Health

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