All about Bungee Fitness: History, Exercises and Rigging

Exercises in Bungee Fitness include aerobics (cardio), strength training (strengthening), and an all-body exercise.

Low-impact workouts are easier on the joints when bungee cords are used in place of weightlifting or other high-impact exercises like squatting and leaping.

Have you ever fantasized about soaring, jumping, and dancing in the sky??? Do you want to get a more toned, fitter body by working with nature rather than against it?

If so, read on. If this is the case, a bungee fitness regimen might be just what you need to achieve your fitness objectives while feeling weightless in the air.

Bungee fitness allow you to do a hard fitness program, make impossible forms both on and off the floor, and elegantly defy gravity, all while having the best of your life.

Exercise using a bungee cord is a refreshing change from the often-boring realm of cardio. Working exercise might be difficult for persons with a lot of weight on their shoulders or hips.

Fortunately, bungee fitness may help ease some of the stress. Athletes who have been sidelined by injury might also benefit from this strategy.

The bungee cord will open up a whole new realm of mobility for those who have undergone knee replacements or have sensitive knees.

Bungee fitness

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Only five years ago, Thailand invented Bungee Fitness. However, the activity has grown in popularity as a fun, novel, and beneficial cardio exercise in such a short time.

The nicest part about bungee fitness is light and gentle on the joints. Jumping into the air feels like you’re on a cloud. Other high-impact activities, such as bungee jumping, may put your joints and muscles under stress.


As a relatively new form of aerial exercise, bungee jumping is a huge hit. You may do a variety of toning, strengthening, and inspiring activities while tethered to an elastic bungee line fastened to a harness and carabiner behind your back. Today, bungee fitness may be found at a plethora of gyms across the globe.

Improve your coordination, strength, and self-confidence with bungee fitness. If you’re looking for a low-impact cardio exercise, this is for you!

The bungee cord provides just the right amount of resistance and fun to keep your muscles moving and mind engaged.

A bungee fitness may include elements of Pilates, yoga, dancing, circus, and aerobics into your routine. If you have a bungee harness and cable as your equipment, you may do several previously unimaginable handstands, forearm stands, side flips, and more in mid-air.

Rehabilitation centers employ our bungee fitness equipment to help people with weak legs acquire strength, and here is where our products come in handy.


Bangkok’s Stories to Tales Theatre, which opened in early 2016, is widely considered the birthplace of bungee fitness. A worldwide movement has sprung up around the core-strengthening exercise since then.

For the first time in the United States, Tough Lotus, an Arizona-based production company, introduced the genre in 2017.

Bungee fitness became a popular phenomenon when the studio put a video online that went viral. With frequent teacher training sessions, the idea of bungee-based fitness is now widely accepted.

Even though it is a newcomer to the aerial exercise scene, flying bungee fitness offers a lot. With the bungee as your anchor, you may explore new ways of moving, interacting, expressing your feelings, or telling a tale.


Bungee cords are excellent shock-absorbers because of their elasticity. Bungee cord is also known as shock cord or bungee cord.

Although the name’s precise origin is unknown, a 1938 reference to the phrase in connection with aviation cargo may have been an early occurrence.

In the 1970s, bungee jumping became a sport, although the activity had been done for centuries before that. Bungee jumping is an excellent option for those who want more intense exercise.

Bungee jumping, which involves leaping from high buildings while attached to an attached harness, is a thrill-seeking sport.

The thrill of bungee jumping may be experienced in a variety of ways. In the apparatus, you can bounce, jump, and even flip around.

In a typical bungee fitness, squats, pushups, and lunges are just a few exercises you may find. Increase your endurance and break out of your comfort zone with this high-intensity, low-impact exercise!

Depending on your preference, bungee cords may be fastened to your hips or your sacrum. While a single string at your back might provide the thrill of complete 360-degree rotation, a twin bungee system can assist you to remain more generally upright.

Elastic material like rubber is wrapped in a cloth sheath to create the bungee cords. Many people believe that bungee cords initially saw widespread usage in the military.

Due to their flexibility, they could do previously inconceivable feats, such as parachuting massive tanks to the ground. Bungees are excellent for securing cargo during transportation.

Exercise, artistic movement, and a healthy dose of thrill-seeking are combined in the studio during a bungee fitness. You may even do bungee fitness at home if you have the right equipment.


When it comes to bungee fitness, the sky’s the limit, as it is with many other types of creative movement. A bungee fitness session will typically begin with a brief introduction to the equipment.

As soon as you’re ready, you may learn how to jump and dive to the ground safely and efficiently. On top of all that, you’ll work on your pushups, lunges, and dancing skills.

Many more hours of training may be squeezed in at home with a bungee fitness system instead of attending a class.

Alternatively, you may completely replace your time spent in the gym with bungee fitness training at home. All fitness levels may benefit from bungee fitness, which combines strength training with an emphasis on core stability.

Bungee fitness

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Owning your own bungee fitness system might save you significant money. A simple calculation shows that the investment in equipment pays off in terms of time saved in the classroom or studio throughout your musical career.

After wearing a studio harness, you’ll be able to see how easy it is to create your own set, depending on your personal height and weight. You’ll be able to manage how much wear and tear the equipment will take.

You have complete control over when and how you utilize it. A bungee set is ideal for both beginners and experts. You’ll need your own equipment if you’re planning on performing.


Bungee fitness are a great way to spice up your routine. Following the workout plan below will ensure that you never become bored with your exercise regimen, unlike other approaches.

This 8-minute exercise video is an excellent starting point to get started with bungee fitness training. You’ll get a full-body workout while having a blast with just a few sessions!

  • Always begin with a complete warm-up, which should be no more than 1-3 minutes for this bungee fitness. Starting with the shoulders and elbows, work your way up to the hips and knees, aiming for a seamless transition between motions.
  • Next, take your arms aloft and do a side-to-side stretch. Next, widen your stance, and move your knees up toward your elbows.
  • Then, do a soft dive into the floor with your hands in front of you. The momentum of your return will help propel you forward into your dive, so squat or plie again.
  • Once you’re in a downward-facing dog posture, you’ll notice a difference in how it feels in the context of bungee fitness. As you raise one leg up at a time, with the knee bent and the leg coming near the head, you will feel the total-body resistance training.
  • Lift the leg behind you, then straighten and release it before doing the opposite. You’ll notice a spike in your heart rate right away!
  • After that, try sprinting while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. In addition, you may do jumping jacks and squat jumps, jogging in place between the two movements. Work each exercise for one minute, then take a ten-second break.

With regular practice, this exercise will help you achieve great muscle toning throughout your body. You don’t have to spend the whole day doing it to optimize your workout.


Safety should be your first concern when you are leaping, whirling, and falling headlong to the ground.

You should only buy aerial bungee from a trustworthy firm like Uplift Active that has put its items through rigorous weight testing. It’s critical to keep track of your own weight at all times.

Consider the location of your aerial bungee before purchasing it. The equipment needed may differ from one location to the next. The set-up may vary from a professional or home studio or a performance venue when using an aerial rig.

  • Always follow the instructions provided by the product’s manufacturer. Consult an expert, connect with a colleague, or ask a reputable rigger for advice when in doubt.
  • Study under the guidance of an expert.
  • Never use your bungee set for more than it is capable of supporting.
  • Never work out alone.
  • Perform a thorough inspection of your rigging and equipment before each usage.
  • Properly stow your equipment.
  • For more dynamic motions, you may consider employing a crash mat in your training.

ETCP rigging instructors Delbert Hall and Brett Copes provide extra reading and safety training materials.


Buying from Uplift Active ensures that you’ll be working with the greatest studio-quality equipment on the market.’ Weight testing and quality assurance are both done on our bungee gear. A 1-year warranty is also available.

Thanks to fast shipment to most places, you won’t have to wait long to get started with your new equipment. Our secure checkout ensures that you will be able to finish your purchase.

When you shop with Uplift Active, you’ll have access to our training videos and our knowledgeable staff, who are always available to answer your questions.

Our Bungee Fitness Equipment Kit includes everything you’ll need to get started with bungee dancing or continue your practice after you’ve begun. Among the items in the package:

  • A comfortable, cushioned harness
  • The bungee cord you’re using
  • Allows for height modification using a daisy chain
  • A swivel to allow for rotation
  • Overhead point-to-point slings that are round in shape.
  • Carabiners for securing gear are available.
  • Manual of Instructions

Additional users may purchase the harness and bungee cord separately from us.

See our sizing information to discover the right size for you! Depending on your weight, we offer two different sizes. If you’re overweight, don’t be discouraged. There are several ways to do bungee fitness even if you’re overweight.


Where can I find aerial and bungee classes?

Many studios now specialize only in bungee fitness and associated activities. Many of which are mentioned in the databases below, Aerial arts studios are another great place to get your bungee dose.

Bungee fitness at home: Is this possible?

Definitely! It would help if you did your homework on safety and rigging procedures beforehand. Also, always practice with a crash mat and never by yourself.

A huge perk for many practitioners is training, practicing, and experimenting at their own speed and convenience. Use everything you’ve learned at the workshop in your own home!

What size bungee should I purchase?

Our bungees are available in two weight-based sizes. You should always use the bigger harness size if you’re unsure what to do. You’ll want to get them correctly fitted for comfort and safety reasons.

Is bungee fitness hard?

A bungee workout may be more difficult than it seems at first, but don’t let it discourage you if you are a beginner. You won’t even realize how hard you’re working or how many calories you’re burning because you’ll be having so much fun!

Is bungee an effective workout?

Bungee fitness

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Yes! With each session, you’ll engage every muscle in your body, increasing your heart rate and overall strength. As a high-intensity, a low-impact technique to working out, this method may be a good way to begin moving for everyone, especially those with impaired joints like the elderly and bigger bodies. Plyometric and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) benefit greatly from bungee fitness.

When it comes to bungee training, which muscles are used?

Each and every one of them! Practicing bungee jumping is a total-body workout. Your upper body, lower body, and core will all be tested.

One-handed pushups, enormous jumps, and balletic twirls may all leave you sore the following day if you don’t warm up properly.

What kind of clothing should I bring to my bungee fitness session?

To keep your feet safe, dress in form-fitting, moisture-wicking clothing, and tennis shoes. If you don’t like the feel of the harness, you may use padding shorts to make it more bearable.

However, after a few sessions, you may forget that you’re even wearing a harness.

Is it painful to do bungee fitness?

All forms of flying include some degree of pain. There is a learning curve involved in getting used to your new harness.

For example, uplift Active’s aerial harnesses have built-in cushioning to make them more comfortable to use when you first start out.

Make sure you’re correctly suited to your gear to avoid pain, but be aware that this new contraption may first seem cumbersome and uncomfortable.

Before your first lesson, most instructors will let you become acclimated to the harness. However, if you are in genuine discomfort, you should stop and speak with a trainer.

Is bungee jumping for fitness a risk?

A lack of safety equipment, training, or a general disregard for the art form may make anything in aerial arts hazardous, just as it does in everyday life.

If you take the proper measures, we’re certain that you’ll be just as safe in the air as you are on the highway at rush hour.

What’s the best way to keep my bungee fitness gear?

Please use common discretion while storing your bungee and harness. While it’s OK to use your gear outdoors, ensure it’s protected from the elements by keeping it out of direct sunlight, excessive heat, or water.

All aerial equipment must also be kept away from any pets!

What should you wear for bungee fitness??

Leggings are ideal for Bungee Fitness since they are light and breathable. With these garments, you’ll be able to move freely while being comfortable and supported.


People actually grin as their breath is taken away by the thrilling sight of bungee fitness. You can make your dreams fly if you have the proper training, equipment, and rigging.

At Uplift Active, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn aerial arts. To assist you on your trip, please get in touch with us as soon as you are ready.

A bungee fitness kit awaits you. Get your bungee exercise gear from our large selection now!

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