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By giving primary care doctors the tools they need to care for their patients, Agilon health is improving the quality of treatment for elders.

Agilon Health is pioneering the development of a healthcare system based on the value of therapy rather than the number of payments, thanks to our innovative platform and partnership model.

We value the autonomy of local doctors and work as a reliable partner to free them to practice medicine as they were educated to do.

As the doctor-patient interaction is the bedrock of medical treatment, agilon was designed by doctors for doctors.

We give family doctors the freedom to think about the long-term regarding their patient relationships and the sustainability of their practices.

To achieve this goal, we have developed a Total Care Model that allows doctors to keep their autonomy while joining a group of other like-minded leaders and incorporating the many parts of a global risk business model into a unified whole.


By enabling primary care doctors to address their patients’ overall health, agilon health is revolutionizing medical treatment for the elderly.

Agilon is leading the country in developing the system we need based on the quality of treatment rather than the quantity of money paid out.

We support local doctors as equals, allowing them to practice medicine how they were educated.

We started our firm in 2016 because we felt strongly that the healthcare system was fundamentally flawed and that the ramifications of this were beginning to hit close to home for all of us.

Getting the primary care required to keep healthy was a constant source of stress for the elderly, and their physicians were burning out due to the system’s emphasis on volume over quality.

Despite this, we realized there was a simple way out: enlisting the help of a large number of general practitioners already out there and providing them with the resources they need to deliver high-quality medical treatment.

To help physician groups take on the risk of providing comprehensive care to their most vulnerable patients, agilon offers the necessary funding, data, payor contacts, executive expertise, and contract assistance.

It leads to healthier communities and more doctors’ time with their patients. Due to its swift and consistent success, agilon is now available to further its mission of ensuring the long-term success of the nation’s top independent medical practices.


By fostering great doctor-patient connections, improve health outcomes in 100+ communities nationwide.


To be the primary care doctors’ go-to, long-term partner in reimagining the patient experience for geriatric patients and spearheading the revolution of care delivery in local communities.

It’s What We Do

As the doctor-patient interaction is the bedrock of medical treatment, agilon was designed by doctors for doctors.

We make it possible for primary care doctors to think about the bigger picture regarding their patient connections and the sustainability of their practices over the long haul.

This is accomplished via our Total Care Model, which helps doctors keep their autonomy while also bringing them together in a group of leaders with similar philosophies and integrating the many parts of a global risk business model.

Therefore, what did happen? Better health all around thanks to doctors who have more time and money to devote to those who need it most.

Agilon was created to ensure the long-term success of primary care doctors throughout the country. We’re changing primary care as we speak.

What Makes Us Unique

Agilon’s goal is to become the primary care doctors’ go-to, long-term partner in reimagining care delivery for the elderly.

To achieve this goal, we devised a model that encourages better patient outcomes over fee-for-service arrangements with Medicare patients.

With our help, our physician partners can rest confident that their practices will continue to grow over time, freeing up resources to provide the kind of comprehensive, team-based care that their patients deserve.

Agilon Health salary

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Agilon Health

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Agilon Health benefits

Agilon Health understands the value of providing competitive perks to its employees.

For this reason, we are dedicated to ensuring the physical, financial, and emotional well-being of each team member and their immediate families.

This is why we provide our employees a competitive benefits package with plenty of customization options to find the one that works best for them.

Agilon Health Careers

Passion and Mission

We have the power to enhance the quality of care provided to patients all around the nation and restore doctors’ enthusiasm for their work.

When we pool our knowledge and skills, we can make a difference for patients and doctors. Every single person and aspect of agilon health is driven by a desire to improve healthcare delivery.

Be a part of our expanding firm and help us revolutionize healthcare.

Agilon Health

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Why should you work at Agilon Health?

At agilon health, we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of health care delivery by integrating human resources, organizational structure, and information technology.

Your contributions here will be critical as we work with doctors to revolutionize the healthcare delivery system.

The quality of our employees is our company’s strongest suit, and we encourage and reward our staff members for their efforts to develop professionally.

The future is bright, and the quality of our already exceptional services may be taken to even greater heights if we work together.

Consider joining the agilon health team. Every day at agilon health is filled with opportunities for professional and personal development and exciting new challenges.

Healthcare Delivery Reimagined to achieve this goal, agilon health equips top physician organizations with cutting-edge tools, tried-and-true procedures, and skilled workers to operate efficiently and effectively within global risk capitation frameworks, improving the quality of treatment for both patients and doctors.

Our patented technology frees doctors to rethink traditional methods of providing medical treatment. To find out more, go to

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