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Ageless Men's Health

One of the reasons Ageless Men’s Health was formed was the lack of awareness of low testosterone levels in men and the lack of treatment for them.

Low T and other health concerns plagued millions of men who did little to address them. We made a promise to alter it.

Because of this, our treatment method was designed to be simple, painless, and sustainable for guys to fit into their busy lives.

This is precisely what we’ve done since: built a whole national network of men-only health clinics where they can feel at ease, get quality care, and schedule appointments according to their schedules.

Every week, we set aside a few minutes to do this. You get to be happier, healthier, and more confident.

Ageless Men's Health

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Clinics managed by Doctors

We firmly think that the most cutting-edge scientific methods should only be used by medical professionals who have been adequately educated.

A team of registered nurses (RNs) is responsible for running and managing our clinics, which employ scientifically proven ways to improve men’s health over time. Our word to you is that, and the most peaceful life of yours is our promise.


Our Locations

With more than 40 clinics in the United States, you’re only a phone call away from a healthier life.

Ageless Men’s Health facilities around the country have been found to fulfill our high requirements. If it were up to our health, we wouldn’t put up with anything less, and it’s not something we’d accept as yours.

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Ageless Men’s Health price

Another aspect of the plan included pricing. Online programs and specific walk-in clinics may cost $2,500 to get started and then $1,000 a month for the following year.

The monthly fee for Ageless Men’s Health is just $200, and customers may come and go as they like at the East Memphis location. Mark Greenburger, a urologist, serves as medical director.

Ageless Men's Health

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Who owns Ageless Men’s Health

Taylor Blackwood – President – Ageless Men’s Health

Ageless Men’s Health testosterone replacement cost

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What is the cost of treatment?

If you’re covered by insurance, the cost will be your copay plus any deductibles that haven’t been paid.

Which insurance companies are you a part of?

Most PPO insurances are accepted here. Before your first visit, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can confirm your insurance coverage.

What if I don’t have health insurance?

We provide a low self-pay fee that covers all of your office visits, examinations, lab testing, and up to four injections each month (for those who qualify).

Ageless Men’s Health Career

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Develop a career in men’s health care as an ageless physician.

Encourage the development of genuine interpersonal connections. Men’s health should be promoted, and lives may be improved.

Our goal is for you to play a role in improving health throughout the nation.

We’re searching for persons with a medical background and a genuine passion for serving to help us expand our network of clinics and clients. We’re a patient-centered testosterone booster with a track record of success. Come chat with us if that sounds attractive to you.

Together, let’s work to enhance the health of males.


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